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Join the Illuminati to enjoy limitless life and world of riches, fame and power. Joining the ILLUMINATI SUPREME CIRCLE (Illuminati Secret Society) comes with great responsibility. And while anyone can join, some have a much better chance of joining the Illuminati Supreme Circle than others.

Before you take that decision to join the Illuminati Supreme Circle, you must be with some thing (one atmost thing your heart desires) which you want us to uplift. The occult only uplifts whats inside you or the atmost thing your heart desires for your life.

As a person who wishes to join the ILLUMINATI and become a member in one, you will have to fulfill all obligations that come with applying to join the family, the oaths to the Illuminati under every circumstance and recognize that they are merely one part of a much larger Life Design.

Once a member, the obligations, requirements (sacrifices) are unimposing and often spaced between months or years. The ILLUMINATI requests are simple and therefore may be hard to fulfill, but disloyalty is not tolerated. You must understand this before applying.

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Our Belifs

The Illuminati has no beliefs but only empowerment and self enrichment of people. The Illuminati is not a church, religion, political group, or charity organization. We operate solely for living a life of abundance without limits. Our way and path is for self sacrifice. Without making sacrifices, we live a life of fear, poverty.

Illuminatiam introduces time-tested spiritual processes that lead to increasing wealth, overcoming hardships, and finding happiness.

Guidance to attain all that you seek.

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Illuminati - A Life Journey of Sacrifice

We know very well that our power isn't all-encompassing, the picture is still far from complete. The art of laying a largely invisible puzzle isn't an easy one. Some pieces may be in the wrong place, or still missing. But the image that the puzzle represents, is already crystal clear. And the picture fits.

We have found Sacrilegious is the original religion of humanity. We have done our research. Sacrilegious is based upon the ancient religions that predated Islam, Judaism and Christianity from hundreds to thousands of years.

The Original God were unjustly labeled as monsters and branded as "evil" to keep humanity from freedom to achieve greater things. Because of this, the human race has drastically degenerated both spiritually and intellectually to wars and poverty. The Illuminati’s path for humanity – our Universal Oath – has spanned centuries to give the goodness of sacrifice to people who choose to follow our ways.

We work directly through sacrifice. We believe each and every person who is willing and respectful can have a personal relationship through sacrifice. We take our tenets and practices directly from Sacrifice itself.

We believe that:
  • Sacrifice is not a "religion invention."
  • Sacrifice predates all religions.
  • Sacrifice is not about "evil." but for the good of life.
  • Sacrifice is not about death.
  • True Sacrifice is about elevating and empowering humanity, which was our True Creator's intention.
  • We know and believe God, Satan/Lucifer as real beings.
  • We know and believe God, Satan to be the True Fathers and Creators of humanity.

For you who chooses to join our secret and sacred society, its about the sacrife our Gods will choose for you to make over month or years to attain wealth, good health and prosperity.